The Greatest Foods for a Tailgate

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List of the best tailgate foods. In the United States, there is a tradition celebrated all over the country at football games and other sporting events. Fans cook food and drink beer out of the back of their vehicle in the parking lot of the sporting event stadium, while celebrating their love for their team before or after the game. Sometimes tailgate parties are even held during concerts. Food is a pivotal part of these events. Since many of these tailgate parties have grills, favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs are often featured. Usually the food is simple to make with very little ingredients. After all, the purpose is to have fun not to spend all afternoon cooking.

Mostly tailgate parties include classic American cuisine from chicken wings with barbeque sauce to baked potatoes. Sometimes other worldly favorites are also introduced such as empanadas and guacamole. Appetizers like stuffed mushrooms, seven layered dip, and potato salad are also included, as well as simple desserts like brownies and cookies.

What is the best tailgate food? As long as the food is American cuisine, simple to make, easy to transport, and no-hassle to get rid of, you may likely find it at a tailgate party. If you know of any essential tailgate snacks that aren't on the list of must have tailgating foods, make sure to add them.

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