The Best Talonflame Nicknames

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There are plenty of fun nicknames for Talonflame, but which ones are the best? First introduced in Generation 6, Talonflame is a dual Fire/Flying-type Pokémon that closely resembles a falcon and feeds on other avian Pokémon like Wingull and Pikipek. Talonflame originally gained massive popularity in competitive Pokemon play for its high priority signature move, Gale Wings. Therefore, it makes sense that you’d want a nickname that’s as formidable as the character.

What’s your favorite Talonflame nickname? Funny nicknames like Hot Wings and Red Robin are clever plays on its color and animal origin, while creative names like Elmo and Bonfire tend to highlight Talonflame's fiery set of skills, while original nicknames like Claws and Phoenix are also great choices.

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