The Best Tampa Bay Rays of All Time

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This is a list of the greatest Tampa Bay Rays players in team history. For the first decade of the franchise's existence, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were one of the worst teams in baseball. The team finished last in the AL East in nine of its first ten seasons. In 2008, things finally came together for Tampa Bay. Beginning with the sale of the team and shortening of its team name to the Rays, the young players who Tampa Bay were grooming finally rewarded the club's faith in them. That year, the Rays came out of nowhere and made it to the World Series on the strength of its young nucleus. The best players in Rays history were on that World Series team. Even though they lost to the Phillies in 5 games, the foundation for the Rays future was set and despite being located in a small market, the Rays have managed to keep their top players around.

The lynchpin of the Rays is third baseman Evan Longoria. Unsurprisingly, the Rays' success began when its franchise third baseman was called up earlier that year. He was named an All Star in his first season and hasn't looked back since. Longoria also has his place etched in Rays history when he homered against the Boston Red Sox in extra innings of the final game of 2011. This capped a miraculous comeback not only in the game, but in the month of September. The Ray trailed Boston by 9 games in the Wild Card hunt and 7 runs in that final game, but they managed to improbably comeback and Longoria was the focal point of that comeback. He is considered the face of the franchise and the best player on the Rays.

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