The Best Tap Shoe Brands

How are you supposed to tap-tap-tap to your heart's content without having the best tap shoes?! You can't! And that's exactly why we've put together this list of the best tap shoe brands. 

Tap dance shoes for adults and kids come in a variety of materials: leather, canvas, or plastic. Beginning and young tappers tend to go for the Mary Jane style, but more seasoned tappers tend to reach for the oxford or split-sole jazz tap shoes. You can also go for a heeled tap shoe, but just remember you'll need to balance in those as well as tap. Big name dance brands like Capezio, Bloch, and Allen Edmonds offer options for every style a dancer could want. 

But what makes these shoes so magical? The taps, of course! When picking out your taps, consider whether you want a lighter or a heavier sounding tone. Are you more of a flat-footed dancer, or are you light on your toes? You'll want to find the right tap, and the right placement for you and your style. It's all about finding a sound that's exactly for you.  

Before channeling your inner Fred Astaire or Gregory Hines, check out our list of best tap shoes brands. Vote up the brand that keeps your heart happy and your feet tapping! 

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