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The Best TARDIS Interior Designs on Doctor Who

One of the most important aspects of Doctor Who is the big blue box that takes The Doctor on all of his adventures. The TARDIS is not only a means of transportation throughout time and space, it’s also a living breathing entity that’s had more iterations than The Doctor himself.

For those of you who are new to Doctor Who, TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space and it can have anything and everything The Doctor needs on any given adventure (it’s even rumored to have two swimming pools). The Doctor Who TARDIS design often changes from episode to episode depending on the needs of the show, but every few seasons there are massive changes that require an entirely new set. Now that you’re here, it’s time to vote on the best Doctor Who TARDIS designs.

Over its half century flying through space and time, the TARDIS interior has been glowing white and steampunk bronze, but one thing about the TARDIS that doesn’t change: it’s always bigger on the inside. Out of all the ships in science fiction, the TARDIS is definitely the coolest. The concept of a ship that continually changes along with the hero is a chance for set designers to shine.

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for since the day you were born, it’s time to vote up your favorite interior design scheme of the TARDIS from Doctor Who.
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    Series Eight

    When the Twelfth Doctor appeared he brought a lot of furniture, including bookshelves and all the chalk boards. Other than that, the lighting changed to a darker red, but other than that, the control room was pretty similar to the Seventh Doctor's TARDIS. 
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    Series Five

    In canon, during the Tenth Doctor's regeneration, the TARDIS caught fire and needed to rebuild itself. When he finally returned to his ship, he found a retro design that featured a multitude of machine parts ranging from a typewriter to a bell, a 90’s style telephone, and a gramophone-style sound system.
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    Series One

    When everyone's favorite Time Lord returned in 2005, his control room had completely changed. Gone was the hexagonal control panel, replaced by a circular panel that closely resembled a smooshed onion. This was also the first TARDIS to feature multiple levels and the golden lighting that fans came to love.
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    Series Seven

    After losing Rory and Amy in the middle of Series Seven, the TARDIS interior changed from the wacky retro look to a cleaner, darker, and more modern interior. The Hexagonal control panel returned along with a more technical look. There were also 18 ribs placed around the ship to give the TARDIS a more subtly organic feeling.
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