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The Best Tasting Pistachios

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This is a ranked list of the best pistachios on the market today as voted on by men and women who enjoy nuts. These brands include some of the best quality and most flavorful pistachio nut brands available today. This list includes top brands such as Wonderful Pistachios, Setton Farms, and Everybody's Nuts. Let this list answer the question, “What are the best pistachios?” Pistachios are a great, healthy, snack nut. Pistachios are from the cashew family of nuts and come in both shelled and unshelled variety.

The pistachio nut is commonly found in the Middle East and central Asia regions  Today many pistachio brands offer a variety of flavor options when it comes to the snack nut and can be purchased in the salt & pepper, garlic, or chili lime flavor options. Other options for pistachio brands include dry roasted, raw, chewy, salted or unsalted varieties as well. Pistachios are a heart-healthy snack that have grown increasingly popular and are used in a number of recipes today. These ranked brands of pistachios offer variations on flavor, and quality. When looking for a flavorful, healthy snack nut you might ask yourself, “What is the best pistachio brand?” Well here we have compiled a list of the very top pistachios in the world for you to choose from.
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