The Best TV Shows About Tattoos & Body Art

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Vote up the best unscripted shows about tattoos, piercings, hair art, body painting, and other forms of body art.

From the relatively temporary decoration of body paint to the definite permanence of tattoos, the best body art and body modification shows are full of gorgeous work and some brave models. From tattoo shows that feature a dizzying range of skills to hair and makeup competition shows that create less irreversible creations, this list of body art TV shows is ranked best to worst thanks to your votes.

Precariously perched between tattoos and body paint on the scale of how easy it is to undo a choice you regret, hairstylist reality shows like L.A. Hair or The Cut Brazil are a great choice if your nerves aren't up to needles. If you are willing to take the plunge, there is a wealth of tattoo TV series to choose from. Follow the daily drama of a tattoo studio with shows like the Black Ink Crew franchise, brace yourself for watching tattoo competition shows such as Ink Master where contestants compete with pieces done on the bravest volunteers in the world or find something heartwarming with cover-up shows like Tattoo Redo

Whether you like the fleeting or the forever when it comes to body art, vote up the best shows and see where your favorites rank.