Taylor Swift Songs and the Boyfriends They're Written About

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Vote up the best of these hot, boyfriend (and hater)-inspired, Swiftie tracks.

Taylor Swift is perhaps best known for one thing: She's dated a lot of guys in Hollywood. She also loooooves to write songs about her relationships, and her fans love to analyze every lyric, liner note, and secret Taylor message to figure out which ex her latest hit single was inspired by. One thing is for sure: without Swift's ex-boyfriends, the Swifties would have fewer sappy songs to sing along to.

It seems Swift wrote almost an entire album about Jake Gyllenhaal, with plenty of songs from Red pointing toward the guy who dumped her over text. Hot tracks like "All Too Well" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" sure seem to put him on blast. The same goes for Joe Jonas and John Mayer, along with some regular people she dated before she was famous.

Fans also suspect she's written a few songs about people who weren't exactly boyfriends, but certainly affected her, like Kanye West and Camilla Belle (a Joe Jonas ex). Thankfully, Swift has a healthy outlet for helping her get through breakups. If only we could all find one so effective. Until then, we'll have to live vicariously through Taylor Swift.

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