The Best TBS Original Shows

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TV shows that were created by and originally aired on the TBS network. Vote up the best TBS shows.

TBS is a popular cable and satellite television station owned by Time Warner, a division of the Turner Broadcasting System. TBS is famous for broadcasting reruns of television classics but they have recently produced a number of original series as well. What are the best TBS original shows?

TBS has recently put a variety of programs on the air which have quickly earned a steady fan base and also brought in some major awards. Most notably, the network offered late night host Conan O'Brien a home for his show after he was pushed out by NBC. TBS also has some great original comedies.

This list features the best TBS original series, ranked by the community as the best, including, Conan, Men at Work, King of the Nerds, and Ground Floor. Vote up the best original TBS programs below and see how the shows you think are great rank!