The Very Best Flavors of Tea, Ranked

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List of the best tea flavors, as ranked by regular tea drinkers. Tea is a sort of magical elixir. It has the potent ability to calm you down when you’re stressed out, help you wake up in the morning, or allow you to sleep at night. There are great teas for losing weight, for gaining energy, and teas for reducing anxiety, among many other qualities. Best yet, if you don’t add any sugar or milk to your tea, tea is a zero calorie beverage that can be enjoyed any time of the year, whether you enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea in winter or a cold ice tea in the summer heat.

There are hundreds of different tea blends and flavors, in both loose leaf and bagged form. These tea flavors can be mixed to become hybrid flavors, like in the case of orange ginger mint tea or celebration tea. Other types of tea come in base flavors like green, black, white, and red, each with a different health benefit.

What are the best tea flavors? The tea choices on this list of tea flavors range from dark, solid flavors to those with a bright, fruity taste. This list is filled with teas that are good for your health and a great way to start off any day. If your favorite tea flavor isn't on the list of top tea flavors, make sure to add it so other tea drinkers can enjoy the greatest teas on earth.

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