The Best Subscription Boxes for Tea Drinkers

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If you're one of those people who gets a happy little head change upon seeing all the different tea boxes lining the aisle at the store, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a collection of tea subscription boxes that are just begging to become the best idea you've ever hand. These cool little tea bundles will keep you stocked up all year long with monthly shipments right to your door each and every month.

Whether you're hooked on one particular brand of tea that you can't get enough of or are looking to branch out and try different teas from around the world, these monthly tea crates have got you covered. Or perhaps you're not so into tea yourself but have a loved one who is? Look no further for the perfect gift that will keep them smiling at the thought of you all year long. 

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    Enjoy monthly deliveries of 4 loose leaf teas from the world's finest small batch producers. Each box contains enough for 30-50 cups of tea throughout the month and you can chose from the Original Box, All Black Tea Box, or Herbal Tea Boxes.

    • Monthly- $25
    • 3 Month Prepay- $22.50
    • 6 Month or 1 Year Prepay- $21.25
  • Enjoy fresh tea, free of added flavors, toxins, and chemicals every month direct from James "The Tea Man" Allen. Each box contains your choice of 3,4, or 6 world-class tea blends and a bonus sample in biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging.

    • 3 Variety box- $10.48 per box
    • 4 Variety box- $15.48
    • 6 Variety box- $22.98


  • While the specific contents are a surprise, each month you can look forward to a box which includes a unique collection of high quality teas as well as artisan treats such as chocolates, cookies, and honey.

    • Monthly- $25.50
    • 3 Months- $74
    • 6 Months- $139
  • Receive 2 different blends from Cozy Leaf Organic Teas every month, complete with free shipping and no hidden fees.

    Price: $9.99 for the first month, $19.99 for each month after

  • Simplicity Teas offer a cool little collection of specialty teas, each of which is designed to help with a particular aspect of health such as digestion, detoxification, or helping you get a great night's sleep. Chose from the mini box in which tea comes packaged in individual vials or the deluxe box which includes full-sized packages.

    • Mini Box- $9.99 - $29.00
    • Deluxe Box- $14.99


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    If you love surprises, then Tea Tourist may be the subscription for you. Each month you'll get a variety of 6 surprise loose leaf teas from artisan tea companies you won't find in stores. Each different tea comes in taster-sized portions that are enough for 3-4 cups a piece.

    • Themed Box- £15 per box
    • Monthly Subscription: £11 per box