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The Best Team Sports for Girls

Updated 19 Oct 2019 36.4k votes 4.2k voters 49.1k views30 items

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Team sports can be great for growing girls. The sportsmanship, the camaraderie, and the confidence it builds for young women is something that can change their lives and carry them through adulthood and aiding in their success in life.

What team sports do you think are the best for girls? Do you think there are some sports that are better for young girls than others? While girls' solo sports require a hard work and dedication, team sports offer several additional benefits, including comradery, friendship, and responsibility.

From swimming to soccer to cheerleading, all of the team-based sports are here for you to think about. This list is votable and rerankable, so vote up and add all of the best team sports there are for girls to play.  
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