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The Best Tech Reviewers On YouTube

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Technology is constantly evolving, and the people behind the best YouTube tech channels are often the first people to inform users about important updates for computers, tablets, and new inventions. These channels produce some of the best tech videos on the Internet. With so many YouTubers creating good tech videos on a weekly basis, there's bound to be a little something for everyone.

Featuring smartphone reviews, trending electronics accesories, and new tech products, this list of the most popular tech channels has it all. YouTube allows for more creativity and originality from its video creators than some of the televised tech shows out there. Top tech channels on YouTube include UrAvgConsumer, Marques Brownlee, CrazyRussianHacker, LinusTechTips, Austin Evans, Jonathan Morrison, and DetroitBORG.

Vote for your favorite YouTube tech channels below, and be sure to add any to the list that may have been left out. 

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    Marques Brownlee, also known by his show name, MKBHD, is an American YouTuber, best known for his technology-focused videos. The channel, whose name is a concatenation of MKB (Brownlee's initials)...  more
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    Linus Gabriel Sebastian (born August 20, 1986) is a Canadian YouTube personality, presenter, producer, and founder of Linus Media Group. He is best known for creating and hosting three...  more
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    Dave Lee (born October 31, 1980) is a Canadian YouTube tech guru who is widely known for his Dave2D channel. He has earned more than 149 million views there for his wide range of tech reviews,...
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    Arun Maini (born October 24, 1995) is an English tech guru who is widely known for his Mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel's content. He has gained popularity there for his tech reviews, advice and...  more
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    Lewis Hilsenteger (born May 5, 1984) is a Canadian YouTube tech guru who founded and hosted the channel Unbox Therapy which has earned over 10 million subscribers. He has another popular channel...
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    Zack Nelson (born June 29, 1988) is a YouTube tech reviewer who is widely known for his JerryRigEverything channel's content. He has gained popularity there for his intricate technology reviews,...  more
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    Judner Aura (born June 21, 1988) is a YouTube reviewer who became popular for his tech reviews, including everything from video games to computers. He has gained more than 1.7 million subscribers...  more
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    Austin Evans (born August 22, 1992) is a tech guru who publishes videos featuring gaming PC builds, Top 5s, and the latest video games to his YouTube channel duncan33303. He has earned over 2.8...  more
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    Jason Langevin (born June 3, 1981) is a YouTuber who vlogs about technology and gaming with a typically comedic, lighthearted slant on his popular channel, JayzTwoCents. The channel has found a...  more
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    Jonathan Morrison (born February 11, 1987) is a tech guru who publishes Apple/Mac/Consumer Tech Reviews, Unboxings and Giveaways to his self-titled YouTube channel. More than 2.3 million individuals...  more
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    Filip Koroy (born June 22, 1994) is a Russian-American YouTuber who runs an everything Apple-product-related channel called EverythingApplePro, as well as a secondary Android channel called...  more
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    Justine Ezarik ( ee-ZAIR-ik; born March 20, 1984) is an American YouTube personality, host, actress, and model. She is best known as iJustine, with over a billion views across her YouTube channels...  more


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    Flossy Carter

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    Michael Kukielka (born January 23, 1979) is a tech guru who created the popular YouTube channel DetroitBORG, where he posts detailed tech reviews of the news gadgets, software, and accessories on the...  more
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    Jenna Ezarik (born August 27, 1989) is a vlogger who enjoys posting videos that showcase her personality, her travels, and her love of animals to her YouTube channel. She graduated from West Virginia...  more
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    Matthew Fredrick (born September 20, 1988) is a YouTuber who posts list-based comedy videos, featuring his office mates, on his YouTube channel known as Matthias. He participated in and won Internet...  more
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    Taras Kulakov (born March 11, 1987) better known as CrazyRussianHacker, is a Ukrainian-born American YouTuber best known for his "life hacks", scientific experiments (or in other terms: science...  more
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    David Rahimi (born April 26, 1989) is the editor-in-chief of PhoneBuff.com and the star of the similarly titled YouTube channel. The YouTube channel's tech reviews have earned him more than 850,000...  more
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    Mark Watson (born February 27, 1984) is a YouTube tech reviewer who is known for his Soldier Knows Best channel. He is particularly known for his regular detailed tutorials and how-to videos...  more
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    Dom Esposito (born December 20, 1985) is a YouTube personality who is known for his eponymous channel's content. He has earned widespread popularity there for his tech reviews, unboxings, and...  more
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    Taras Maksimuk (born August 5, 1993) is a YouTuber known for TechRax, a YouTube channel that focuses on making videos about the destruction of cell phones (particularly iPhones) and other...  more
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    Keaton Keller (born June 4, 1997) is a tech reviewer most widely known for his TechSmartt YouTube channel, where he posts tips and reviews on technology, from phone reviews to the best tech for the...  more
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    Kip Kedersha (born December 12, 1957), better known as Kipkay is an American author of how-to videos. As of 2008, Kedersha is the all-time top-grossing Metacafe user, having earned more than $120,000...  more