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The Best New Techno Albums of 2020

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Here are the best new techno albums of 2020. Featuring good techno from the best techno artists right now, this list of 2020 albums ranks the best acid techno albums, the best minimal techno albums, and the best of all other conceivable techno sub-genres. While 2019 was a great year for house and techno, many of the top techno music producers are looking ahead to 2020 for their album releases, such as Recondite, who released Dwell in late January.

Which underground techno artists do you think will rule 2020 with their new techno albums? Which 2020 techno albums will the best techno DJs be playing at clubs for years to come?

Vote up your favorite techno albums below, and feel free to add any that you think we may have missed.

  • Dwell1




    "Mirror Games"

    "Wire Threat"

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  • Love in the Age of Machines2

    "Last Sapien"

    "Hush" (feat. Amal Gama)

    "Requiem for the American Dream"

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