The Best Teen TV Couples Of All Time

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Fictional teen couples from TV shows only.

We’re ranking the best teen TV couples of all time. Through the good and bad, the awkward and the emotional, these teen couples are known for making audiences swoon. But which do you think are the best teen couples ever?

From Jughead and Betty on Riverdale to Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries, the characters on this list of teen TV couples have some serious chemistry. Sabrina and Harvey from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are another of the greatest teen couples on TV.

Determining the best TV couples of all time means diving into some of the greatest shows ever made. Who would vie for the title of teen couples with the best chemistry? Perhaps that would be Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. Some of the best TV teen couples end up dating in real life!

There’s no expiration date on being one of our favorite teen couples on TV, so this list includes characters from classics like The Wonder Years to present-day shows such as The End of the F**king World. Which of these pairs do you think are the greatest teen TV couples? Vote up who you believe are the greatest teen couples on TV, and if we’re missing your favorites, feel free to add them. 

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  • Haley and Nathan

    Haley and Nathan

    One Tree Hill

      Known collectively as 'Naley', Haley and Nathan's relationship may have had its ups and downs, but there was no denying the powerful chemistry between the two leads.

    • Seth & Summer

      Seth & Summer

      The O.C.

        Seth and Summer seemed to be caught in a cycle of break-up, reunite, repeat until they got back together for good in the end of season three. They ultimately got married in the series finale.

      • Pacey & Joey

        Pacey & Joey

        Dawson's Creek

          In season one, Joey and Dawson seemed destined to be together, but by season three a relationship between Joey and Pacey started to bloom. They broke-up and reunited several times before tying the knot in the series finale.

        • Cory & Topanga

          Cory & Topanga

          Boy Meets World

            They first got together in season three, and after many ups and downs (and breakups!) throughout the next four seasons, they finally tied the knot in season seven, in an episode appropriately titled, “It’s About Time.”

          • Hanna & Caleb

            Hanna & Caleb

            Pretty Little Liars

              Hanna and Caleb overcame four breakups to go on to be married by season seven. Who cares if not being able to testify against one another was a driving factor in their decision to wed.

            • Blair & Chuck

              Blair & Chuck

              Gossip Girl

                They got together in season one, but were infamously on and off throughout the entire series. In season six, episode 10, the pair gave up the games and finally got married.

              • Damon & Elena

                Damon & Elena

                The Vampire Diaries

                  Damon and Elena shared a love that lasted a lifetime and beyond. They officially started dating in season four and the season finale found the couple happily married.

                • Toby & Spencer

                  Toby & Spencer

                  Pretty Little Liars

                    Toby and Spencer share an undeniable attraction, but their frequent secrecy has caused them to break-up a time or two or three...

                  • Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood

                    Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood

                    • Rory & Jess

                      Rory & Jess

                      The Gilmore Girls

                        Although her relationship with Jess was one of Rory's shorter-lived – they were together from season two episode 22 through season three episode 23 – fans always rooted for the bibliophiles to reunite.

                      • Veronica & Logan

                        Veronica & Logan

                        Veronica Mars

                          From friends to enemies to partners in (solving) crime, Veronica and Logan saw many relationship ups and downs from their first kiss in season one to their marriage in season four. Let's just not talk about what happened next.

                        • D.J. & Steve

                          D.J. & Steve

                          Full House/Fuller House

                            DJ surprised her entire family when she brought a boyfriend back from her trip to Spain in Full House’s fifth season. They were the “it” couple from then until their breakup in season seven, episode 19. But the Netflix spinoff Fuller House brought them back together.

                          • Scott & Allison

                            Scott & Allison

                            Teen Wolf

                              A supernatural Romeo and Juliet, Scott and Allison's families were sworn enemies. The couple first got together in season one though their love could not overcome their differences.

                            • Santana & Brittany

                              Santana & Brittany


                                Often the best friendships make for the best relationships as proven by the romance of Santana and Brittany who, by the end of Glee, found themselves committing to a lifetime together.

                              • Jughead & Betty

                                Jughead & Betty


                                  Friendship led to love in the case of Jughead and Betty who first got together in season one. This on again, off again pair didn't survive the season 5 time-jump, but will a romantic reunion be on the horizon?

                                • Mike & Eleven

                                  Mike & Eleven

                                  Stranger Things

                                    Their romance became official in season two. El impulsively takes Max’s advice and dumps Mike in season three episode two, but by episode eight of that season they were back together.

                                  • Buffy & Angel

                                    Buffy & Angel

                                    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

                                      Despite the fact that she was a vampire hunter and he was a vampire, Buffy and Angel defied the odds and fell in love. Though a lasting relationship was unlikely, their love was eternal.

                                    • Finn & Rachel

                                      Finn & Rachel


                                        Finn and Rachel never had enough of silly love songs or each other throughout Glee's run. The on-and-off couple's duet came to an abrupt end when Cory Monteith (Finn) passed away in 2013.

                                      • Blaine & Kurt

                                        Blaine & Kurt


                                          Blaine and Kurt had instant chemistry and they started dating in season two. Though they broke-up a time or two, the series finale found the couple spontaneously tying the knot.

                                        • Jackie & Hyde

                                          Jackie & Hyde

                                          That 70s Show

                                            An unlikely pairing, Jackie brought down Hyde's walls for the better, and Hyde helped her grow. They balanced each other out in a way that was unexpectedly refreshing.

                                          • Zack & Kelly

                                            Zack & Kelly

                                            Saved by the Bell/Saved by The Bell: College Years

                                              Zack and Kelly represented quintessential high school couple from the the prom to 'The College Years,' and many breakups in between. They said, 'I do,' in a special TV movie giving fans a happy ending.

                                            • Isak & Even

                                              Isak & Even


                                                The focus of season 3 of the hit teen drama, SKAM, Isak and Even were drawn to each other from the start, and although they encountered obstacles, in the end, they came out stronger and more in love than ever.

                                              • Shawn & Angela

                                                Shawn & Angela

                                                Boy Meets World

                                                  After they started dating in season five, Shawn and Angela seemed to be a match made in heaven. They broke up in season seven and a flash forward revealed that Angela had married someone else.

                                                • Alyssa & James

                                                  Alyssa & James

                                                  The End of the F***ing World

                                                    Alyssa and James accept each other despite their flaws, even if one of them may be a deadly psychopath.

                                                  • Buffy & Spike

                                                    Buffy & Spike

                                                    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

                                                      Talk about a toxic relationship. When a vampire falls in love with a vampire hunter, it shouldn't come as a surprise when things end in a fiery blaze.