The Best Teen TV Couples Of All Time

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Fictional teen couples from TV shows only.

We’re ranking the best teen TV couples of all time. Through the good and bad, the awkward and the emotional, these teen couples are known for making audiences swoon. But which do you think are the best teen couples ever?

From Jughead and Betty on Riverdale to Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries, the characters on this list of teen TV couples have some serious chemistry. Sabrina and Harvey from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are another of the greatest teen couples on TV.

Determining the best TV couples of all time means diving into some of the greatest shows ever made. Who would vie for the title of teen couples with the best chemistry? Perhaps that would be Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. Some of the best TV teen couples end up dating in real life!

There’s no expiration date on being one of our favorite teen couples on TV, so this list includes characters from classics like The Wonder Years to present-day shows such as The End of the F**king World. Which of these pairs do you think are the greatest teen TV couples? Vote up who you believe are the greatest teen couples on TV, and if we’re missing your favorites, feel free to add them. 

Most divisive: Cheryl & Toni
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  • Haley and Nathan

    Haley and Nathan

    One Tree Hill
    971 votes

    This iconic pair from One Tree Hill perfectly encapsulates the transformative power of love, as Nathan's initial bad boy persona melts away under Haley's gentle influence. The actors' chemistry is palpable on screen, making every moment they share a heartwarming reminder of their character growth. Their unwavering dedication to each other through numerous trials cements their place among the greatest teen love stories in television history.

  • Seth & Summer

    Seth & Summer

    The O.C.
    859 votes

    Their quirky, offbeat romance on The OC quickly became one of the series' defining storylines, setting them apart from other drama-filled relationships. The actors' delightfully witty banter and undeniable chemistry made the couple stand out in a show that frequently explored darker themes. Seth's nerdy charm and Summer's fiery spirit perfectly complemented each other, resulting in a memorable and enduring dynamic.

  • Pacey & Joey

    Pacey & Joey

    Dawson's Creek
    971 votes

    This beloved duo from Dawson's Creek faced countless ups and downs, showcasing that even the strongest love can face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The actor's compelling chemistry brought depth and nuance to their characters' emotional journey, inviting audiences to root for them through every hurdle. Their slow-burning romance, culminating in a dramatic and satisfying conclusion, sets them apart as one of the most iconic will-they-won't-they couples in television history.

  • Cory & Topanga

    Cory & Topanga

    Boy Meets World
    913 votes

    Arguably one of the most iconic couples of the '90s, the Boy Meets World sweethearts navigated the complexities of adolescence together, eventually transitioning into adulthood hand in hand. Their innocent and wholesome love story demonstrated how true love can develop from the earliest stages of adolescence, with the actors' endearing performance capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide. Throughout the entire series, their steadfast loyalty to each other amidst the chaos of teenage life made them an aspirational example for young audiences.

  • Hanna & Caleb

    Hanna & Caleb

    Pretty Little Liars
    761 votes

    The Pretty Little Liars couple quickly gained a devoted fan base, as their emotional vulnerability and unwavering devotion became central themes in their relationship. The actors' undeniable chemistry and commitment to their characters imbued this romance with authenticity, even amidst a backdrop of elaborate intrigue and deception. Their enduring bond and resilience, despite numerous obstacles, solidified them as a beloved teen couple that fans continue to celebrate.

  • Damon & Elena

    Damon & Elena

    The Vampire Diaries
    1,143 votes

    The Vampire Diaries paired the brooding and dangerous Damon Salvatore with the compassionate and caring Elena Gilbert, creating an intense and passionate romance that gripped viewers throughout the show's run. The actors' incredible chemistry and emotional depth elevated this supernatural love story beyond clichéd tropes, as they delved into themes of redemption and growth. Their shared journey through darkness and light imparted valuable lessons on acceptance and the power of forgiveness.