The Best British Teen Dramas Ever Made

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British dramas might be some of the most compelling shows on either side of the pond. The popularity of British television dramas means that there are also lots of great British teen drama TV shows. If you’ve been looking for the best British teen dramas that show even The CW what drama is, this list of the best British teen drama series of all time will help you figure out what needs to go into your queue and what older shows you might need to hunt down and watch immediately.

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, many newer British dramas for teens are available to watch even in The States. Both the more recent The End of the F***ing World and Sex Education are Netflix Originals of British origin. Other series, such as Grange Hill, are a BBC teen drama that managed to be not only one of the best TV dramas of the '80s but didn't end until 2008!

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