The Best Teen Dramedy TV Shows, Ranked

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Humor and high school conflicts combine to make teen dramedies binge-worthy television. The best teen dramedy shows feature young characters dealing with relationships, school, and family issues - not to mention supernatural threats. This is a list of the greatest TV teen dramedy shows including everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Teen Wolf to Glee.

What shows will you find on this list of the best teenage dramedies? Freaks and Geeks walked the line between laugh-out-loud comedy and heart-wrenching drama, with storylines about everything from politics, to pot, to parties. Seth Rogan, James Franco, Busy Phillips, and a number of other talented actors comprised the show's cast. Veronica Mars is another popular teen dramedy. The Gilmore Girls' snappy dialogue brought fresh life to every episode. Other good series featured here include Smallville, Boy Meets World, and One Tree Hill.

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