The Best Teen Movies on Amazon Prime

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Check out this list of the best teen movies streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video. These high school movies and college tales are swimming in nostalgia and available to view free of charge for Amazon Prime members. They'll take you back to your own teenage years so vividly you'll remember your locker number. And if you are a teen, these movies are like time capsules of cutting edge hipness from bygone eras.

Whether you identify with the popular jock, the quiet outcast, or the new kid in school who just wants to dance, this list can help you navigate the teen movies available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Of course, it's not all high school movies. You'll find great action and comedy films in here that are great for teens too.

It's up to you to decide on the best Amazon Prime teen movies, so vote up your favorites below! And if the list is missing any classic teen movies available on Amazon Prime, feel free to add them.

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