The Very Best Teen Noir Movies

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Vote up the best movies about teenagers and high school that have elements of noir films.

The noir genre is often associated with dog-tired older detectives and black and white films. These movies with teen protagonists are out to challenge that notion, while still paying tribute to classic noir tropes. The best teen noir movies feature murderous plots, arch narration, and dastardly deeds. This is a list of the top teenage noir movies including everything from Donnie Darko to The Basketball Diaries to The Rules of Attraction.

What films will you find on this list of the best noir movies about teenagers? In Brick, a moody high school-age private detective sets out to uncover who murdered his girlfriend. Sofia Coppola puts a chillingly beautiful spin on the genre in The Virgin Suicides, which follows five suicidal sisters through the eyes of the neighborhood boys who pine for them. Winona Ryder's voice-over narration is only one of the noir elements in the murderous 1988 black comedy Heathers. Other good films featured on this best teen noir movies list include Alpha Dog, Election, and I Know Who Killed Me.

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