The 55+ Best Teenage Sitcoms

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The best teen sitcoms serve not only as a reflection of teen life but also an educational tool. They’re filled with moral anecdotes and jokes in equal measure. Shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air even found ways to deftly balance Very Special Episodes with legit laughs. So which teen sitcom best helped you or is still helping you through life? Voice your opinion and vote for the best teen sitcoms below.

Looking to see where your favorite teen sitcom stacks up against the rest? Don't forget to vote up the teen sitcoms that you enjoy the most. For shows that you’re unfamiliar with, details such as top-billed cast are included. Some top teen sitcoms such as Boy Meets World are so good that they’re considered to be among the best comedy television shows of all time. Others have stuck in the collective consciousness for so long they're getting updated reboots, like Saved By The Bell. Others, like iCarly and Victorious, are newer but just as vital and nostalgic-inducing.

If you’re unfamiliar with a show below, be sure to give it a chance, as it could become one of your favorite shows. Also be sure to check out the best teen comedy movies of all time.

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