The Best Villains the Teen Titans Have Ever Faced

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We all love Teen Titans, but who are the best Teen Titans villains of all time? The Teen Titans are a group of young, teenage heroes who are known for being the sidekicks of Justice League members. The team became official in The Brave and the Bold #60 back in 1965. It continuously changes its roster, but its notable members are Robin (Dick Grayson), Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Speedy. Over the years, the Teen Titans have faced some of the deadliest villains DC Comics has to offer, like Brainiac, Deathstroke, and so many more.

Who are the greatest Teen Titans foes? Is the genius intellect Psimon your favorite baddie to go up against the Teen Titans, or do you prefer the cruel and powerful Trigon?

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