The Best Anthology TV Shows In 2020

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Vote up the best new or returning anthology television series that are airing new episodes in 2020.

The best anthology series airing new episodes in 2020 either have a new theme each season or new story each episode. Sometimes you just need to shake things up to keep it interesting and anthology series always keep mixing it up. As with limited series, the flexibility of streaming services - something even big cable channels are getting into - allows for non-linear storytelling and the creation of addictive vignettes you can divvy out into individual doses or binge all at once.

Many 2020 anthology shows follow the more traditional television anthology path of a speculative fiction or horror anthology vibe that shocks or surprises you each episode. That's been American Horror Story’s bread and butter for seasons and it'sthe same style the new Twilight Zone, Room 104, and even Into The Dark take as well. Other shows, like Little America, use each episode as a way to enjoy a vignette into a specific perspective. There are also shows that take a wider perspective and only change their themes and stories every season.

It can be hard to say good-bye to characters and cast members we love, but with anthology shows it's likely you'll see them again, just wearing a different mask. What television anthology series is airing new episodes in 2020 that you're excited about? Vote up the best anthology shows and add any we've forgotten - just remember, we need to be seeing new episodes and new stories from them in 2020.