The Best Musical Artists From Tennessee

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Only artists born or raised in Tennessee or bands formed in Tennessee.

Here are the best artists and bands from Tennessee. For years now, Nashville has been the unofficial capital of country music. Meanwhile, numerous country musicians recognize Bristol, Tennessee as the birthplace of country. There have also been numerous musicians who have come out of Memphis. Whether your favorite bands and singers are in rock, soul, or blues, there is a very good they were influenced by the best musical artists from Tennessee. 

Artists from all over the world have flocked to Tennessee to record albums at one of the many recording studios in the state. Additionally, it is considered a rite of passage for country artists to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. While outsiders are welcome, Tennessee has still produced its own musical acts, including Billy Ray Cyrus, Big & Rich, Kesha, and Lady Antebellum. People come to Tennessee to rock, and the state certainly delivers. Other popular Tennessee artists include Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Kings of Leon, and Juicy J.

From Kenny Chesney to Paramore, these are not just the most famous Tennessee musical artists. These are some of the most popular artists in the country. You can finally learn where your favorite bands and singers come from. As you go through this list, vote for the artists you like most to see who can officially be declared Nashville royalty. 

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