The Best Tennessee Titans of All Time

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A list of the best Tennessee Titans of all time. Originally the Houston Oilers, the team moved to Tennessee in 1997. During their nearly 40 years in Houston, the Oilers had some of the best players in team history. The Houston years, however, were marked by many tough losses and teams that didn't reach their potential. But that doesn't mean that were weren't any great players who were Oilers. From those Oiler years, superstars like Earl Campbell, Warren Moon and even current head coach Mike Munchak were Hall of Fame players who suited up for Houston. These three guys are considered some of the best players in Oilers/Titans history. 

When the team moved to Tennessee, they weren't devoid of talent. Great players like Steve McNair and Eddie George were starting to come of age and they were led by legendary Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews. The Titans reached the Super Bowl behind these players and Jevon Kearse, who is considered one of the best Titans pass rushers ever. Despite losing to the Rams, the game is considered one of the best Super Bowls in history even with the Titans falling a yard short.

This list of the best Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans dates back to the team's formation in 1960. If you notice someone who is missing from this list of all time Oilers/Titans, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list of the greatest Oilers/Titans ever according to who you think should be considered the best in franchise history.
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