The Best Texas Country Songs

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Texas country, or often referred to as "Red Dirt" music, is a newer sub genre of country music in which more traditional sounds are combined with the outspoken attitude and lyrics of outlaw music. Though originating from Texas and Oklahoma, musicians all over all adopted the Texas sound. 

What are the best Texas songs? These are songs from top Texas country artists, such as Kevin Folwer, Pat Green, and Cross Canadian Ragweed. Vote up the greatest Texas song and add any that aren't already on the list.
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  • My Hometown
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    My Hometown

    Charlie Robsion's song about leaving home and catching up with people in towns throughout the south
  • The Road Goes On Forever
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    The Road Goes On Forever

    Robert Earl Keen's song is a song that retraces his career through his perspective.

  • Somewhere Down in Texas
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    Somewhere Down in Texas

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers' song about the comforts of the lonestar state.
  • 17
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    Cross Canadian Ragweed's song about life spent running from the law and missing and old love.
  • Feeling Good Again
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    Feeling Good Again

    Robert Earl Keen's song about hanging out and having good times in your favorite bar.

  • Take Me Out to the Dance Hall
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    Take Me Out to the Dance Hall

    A song about letting loose, having fin, and going dancing.
  • Carry On
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    Carry On

    A song about life's troubles and just pushing on through.
  • Alabama
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    Cross Canadian Ragweed's song about missing a lover so badly.
  • Kiss Me in the Dark
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    Kiss Me in the Dark

    A song about loving someone wholly for one night.
  • Wear My Ring
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    Wear My Ring

    Song about a broken heart and broken relationship.
  • Boys from Oklahoma
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    Boys from Oklahoma

    AS song about the differences of boys from Oklahoma and those from Texas.  In Texas they just do it better.
  • Texas Angel
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    Texas Angel

    Hoeybrowne's song about the difficulties of letting go of a loved one.
  • Wave On Wave
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    Wave On Wave

    Pat Green's song about redemption
  • Hard Man to Love
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    Hard Man to Love

    A song about a cheating man and the woman that puts up with it.
  • Tonight's Not the Night
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    Tonight's Not the Night

    Randy Rogers Band's song about getting a relationship started
  • Merry Christmas from the Family
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    Merry Christmas from the Family

  • Don't Touch My Willie
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    Don't Touch My Willie

    A song about a woman trying to take advantage of a man
  • Nobody's Girl
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    Nobody's Girl

    A song about a woman who won't let anyone close.