The Best Texas Longhorns Football Players of All Time

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A list of the best Texas Longhorns football players of all time. Texas is one of the most highly regarded and historic football programs of all time. The program began in 1893 and currently has the second most wins in NCAA history, trailing only Michigan. Texas is also recognized for their post-season appearances ranking second in number of bowl game appearances (51) and ranked fourth in bowl game victories (27). Why are the Longhorns one of the greatest college football teams ever? Because of the number of outstanding players who have worn the burnt orange. Many of the best players in college football history have played for Texas. Throughout the school's history, Texas's roster has been filled with some college football's biggest stars. 

Texas football has had some of the greatest running backs in college history. Between Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams, two of the greatest Longhorns ever and Heisman Trophy winners, Texas has a rich history of attracting the country's best recruits to Austin. These two legendary players hold university records and are some of the most beloved Texas Longhorns football players of all time. The same goes for Vince Young. The quarterback led Texas to an iconic victory over heavily favored USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. Young carried the team to win the national championship in one of the greatest performances by a quarterback in college football history. While his NFL career didn't pan out, in the eyes of Texas Longhorn fans, there is nothing that will ruin the memory of one of the greatest Longhorns in school history. 

This is a list of the best Texas Longhorns football players of all time. Some of most outstanding players in Texas history and famous football players from Texas are on this list. If you think someone is missing, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank the list according to who you think should be considered the greatest Texas Longhorns football player ever.
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