The Best Thanksgiving Desserts

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Vote up the dessert dishes you're most thankful for after a whole lot of turkey.

The very finest Thanksgiving desserts include traditional pies, cakes and cookies, but pies are far and away the most popular desserts for the holiday, as families gather around for the annual Thanksgiving feast. If pie isn't your thing, Turkey Day affords plenty of opportunities to sample all sorts of great Thanksgiving desserts, so be sure to vote for those you like the most (and vote down any you just can't stand). 

 Let's talk pies, shall we? The most traditional among us probably go instantly for Thanksgiving pie staples like pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie. In the South, one can often expect to devour scrumptious sweet potato pie, too. And yes, some people actually do like mincemeat pie.

Pumpkin desserts are also really common at Thanksgiving, and they're becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Ever had pumpkin cheesecake? Amazing! There's also pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake (including spice cake) and pumpkin cupcakes (with cream cheese frosting, even!). Gingerbread, while often associated with Christmas, can also be served for Thanksgiving.

Whether you go for pumpkin pies or Jell-O, be sure to vote up the best Thanksgiving desserts.

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