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The Best And Funniest Quotes From 'That '70s Show'

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Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, viewers could be transported back to that wonderful decade through the best That '70s Show quotes. Eric Foreman and the gang would frequently discuss pop culture of the time whether that meant lengthy discussions on Star Wars or listening to "satanic" metal music. 

However, what kept the show engaging were the lines that were relatable to kids today. Eric's longstanding romance with Donna produced some of the most heartwarming lines on this list about love, but worry not, you'll also come across Kelso's funny one-liners. 

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  • When My Time Comes
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    When My Time Comes

    Red Forman: When my time comes, I wanna be buried face down so that anyone who doesn't like me can kiss my a**. 

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  • Your Brain
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    Your Brain

    Red Forman: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity. 

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  • Run Across the Beach
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    Run Across the Beach

    Jackie Burkhart: Look, if I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would. 

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  • We'd Buy All The Water
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    We'd Buy All The Water

    Steven Hyde: I'm telling you, the government has a car that runs on water, man. They just don’t want us to know because then we'd buy all the water.

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