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Reach New Heights With The Best Quotes From 'The Aeronauts'

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If you've seen the thrilling new drama, we want you to vote for the best The Aeronauts quotes. This piece of historical fiction contains some of the most dazzling CGI of the year, a stellar performance from Felicity Jones, and a screenplay that mixes intense dramatic moments with some funny lines that help to lighten the mood. Although not entirely based on a true story, it does relay a few facts that are relevant to anyone who checks out their local weather forecast.

Eddie Redmayne plays James Glaisher, a real scientist who believed the weather could be predicted. To test his hypothesis, he hires (fictional) pilot Amelia Wren (played by Jones) to take him skyward in a balloon to heights no one has ever gone. Their trip proves intermittently perilous, which leads to some nail-biting sequences certain to fray the nerves of anyone with a fear of heights. Glaisher's work led to the meteorology we are all familiar with today. 

The movie was directed by Tom Harper, who also made The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death and the critically acclaimed Wild Rose. Jack Thorne wrote the screenplay, giving the characters poignant one liners that reflect not only their professional mission but also their personal dilemmas.

Vote up the most memorable The Aeronauts quotes from the list below. 

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    Change It By Living In It

    Amelia Wren: We took to the skies in the name of discovery. To find something new. To change the world. But you don't change the world simply by looking at it. You change it by living in it. 

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    You Have To Meet It

    John Trew: In this life, very few are given opportunity to change the world. You've been assigned a responsibility, Miss Wren. You have to meet it. 

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    The Safest Way Is Up

    Amelia Wren: There are two ways to break a storm. One is to travel beneath it. The other, to travel above it. The safest way is up. 

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    Landlocked Clocks

    James Glaisher: You're incredibly late.

    Amelia Wren: Lesson number one of Aeronauting -- we are creatures of the skies and have no respect for landlocked clocks. 

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