The Best Quotes From 'The Baby-Sitters Club'

One thing is clear from reviewing the best The Baby-Sitters Club quotes: there is a reason why these characters have persevered for decades. With the new series on Netflix, the characters who debuted in the 1980s are given new life and have 21st-century problems to deal with. All the while, they continue providing exceptional babysitting services for people in their community. There's a lot women of all ages can learn from these girls. 

From the hilarious to the heartfelt, these are the best quotes from The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix. Which ones stood out to you when you binged the series? Vote up the quotes you'd probably see over the course of your own babysitting business. 

  • Social Media
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    Social Media

    Claudia Kishi: Social media rots your brain. 

  • Loiter At The Mall
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    Loiter At The Mall

    Claudia Kishi: Why don’t they loiter at the mall like other teenagers? 

  • Piece Of Our Action
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    Piece Of Our Action

    Kristy Thomas: They’re trying to get a piece of our action so we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

  • World's Oldest Toddler
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    World's Oldest Toddler

    Mary Anne Spier: Every day, I either end up looking like the world’s oldest toddler or the youngest senior citizen.