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List of the best Cramps albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. This Cramps discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Cramps albums can be found at the top of the list. To make it easy for you, we haven't included The Cramps singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. If you think the greatest Cramps album isn't high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves. Make sure you don't just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite Cramps album, then vote it up, even if it's not necessarily the most popular.

If you want to know, "What is the best Cramps album of all time?" or "What are the top Cramps albums?" then this list will answer your questions. Albums include everything from Stay Sick! to A Date with Elvis. The American punk band made a series of great albums throughout their career, up until the unfortunate death of singer Lux Interior. 

This list of popular Cramps albums has been voted on by music fans around the world, so the order of this list isn't just one person's opinion. 

Psychedelic Jungle is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Cramps Albums of All Time
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1. Green Fuz
2. Goo Goo Muck
3. Rockin' Bones
4. Voodoo Idol
5. Primitive
6. Caveman
7. The Crusher
8. Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk
9. Can't Find My Mind
10. Jungle Hop
11. The Natives Are Restless
12. Under the Wires
13. Beautiful Gardens
14. Green Door

Release Date: 1981

Artist: The Cramps

Tracks: Under The Wires, Voodoo Idol, Green Fuz, Caveman, Green Door, + more

Genres (Music): Garage punk, Psychobilly

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Songs the Lord Taught Us is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Cramps Albums of All Time
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1. TV Set
2. Rock on the Moon
3. Garbageman
4. I Was a Teenage Werewolf
5. Sunglasses After Dark
6. The Mad Daddy
7. Mystery Plane
8. Zombie Dance
9. What's Behind the Mask
10. Strychnine
11. I'm Cramped
12. Tear It Up
13. Fever

Release Date: 1980

Artist: The Cramps

Tracks: TV Set, Tear It Up, Mystery Plane, Garbageman, I’m Cramped, + more

Genres (Music): Punk rock, Garage punk, Post-punk, Surf rock, Psychobilly, + more

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A Date With Elvis is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Cramps Albums of All Time
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1. How Far Can Too Far Go?
2. The Hot Pearl Snatch
3. People Ain't No Good
4. What's Inside a Girl?
5. Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?
6. Kizmiaz
7. Cornfed Dames
8. Chicken
9. (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
10. Aloha from Hell
11. It's Just That Song

Release Date: 1986

Artist: The Cramps

Tracks: Chicken, Kizmiaz, What's Inside a Girl?, Cornfed Dames, How Far Can Too Far Go?, + more

Length (mins): 00:36:30

Genres (Music): Garage punk, Psychobilly, Surf music

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Stay Sick! is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Cramps Albums of All Time
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1. Bop Pills
2. God Damn Rock & Roll
3. Bikini Girls with Machine Guns
4. All Women Are Bad
5. The Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon
6. Shortnin' Bread
7. Daisys Up Your Butterfly
8. Everything Goes
9. Journey to the Center of a Girl
10. Mama Oo Pow Pow
11. Saddle Up a Buzz Buzz
12. Muleskinner Blues

Release Date: 1990

Artist: The Cramps

Tracks: Bop Pills, The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon, Mama Oo Pow Pow, All Women Are Bad, God Damn Rock ’n’ Roll, + more

Genres (Music): Garage punk, Psychobilly

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