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The Most Electric Quotes From 'The Current War'

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Now is the time to vote for the best The Current War quotes. The film, based on a true story, is a historical drama, but it lightens things up with occasional funny lines. Mostly, though, you'll be caught up in the tension as it depicts the competition between several famous and important men.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Thomas Edison, Nicholas Hoult is Nikola Tesla, and Michael Shannon is George Westinghouse. Edison has invented DC current and thinks it's the key to bringing energy to the entire nation. Tesla and Westinghouse have their own idea. They're pushing AC current. The men battle for dominance, as they do everything possible to move their own visions to the forefront. 

The Current War debuted at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. Due to problems with its distributor, the film was shelved for two years until it could be sold off to a new company. That gave director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon time to refine it. The version being released to theaters is billed as "the Director's Cut," as it represents his full vision. Michael Mitnick wrote the screenplay. 

Vote up the most memorable The Current War quotes from the list below, regardless of which character speaks them. 

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    Westinghouse This Horse

    Thomas Edison: I ask you to please be respectful as we Westinghouse this horse.

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    Better Than Edison

    Nikola Tesla: I will be the greatest provider of electrical power in the world. Better than Edison.

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    Brightest Minds

    Thomas Edison: This is a battle of the brightest minds in America.

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    Womack: You can't see the real force that moves things. And it's not AC or DC. It's not currents. It's currency.

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