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The Best Quotes From 'The Dead Don't Die'

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What are the best The Dead Don't Die quotes? Now is your opportunity to vote for the funny lines and memorable quotes you liked the most. The movie is a zombie comedy written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, the veteran indie filmmaker behind such acclaimed works as Stranger Than Paradise, Paterson, Broken Flowers, and Down By Law. It's a Jarmusch style foray in the world of genre filmmaking. Most of his previous efforts were low-key stories about people, relationships, and the things that happen in the margins of society. For him to make a movie with undead action is unexpected, to say the least. 

The director has assembled an A-list cast, starting off with Bill Murray and Adam Driver as police officers dealing with an undead attack in their small town. Also featured in the movie are Chloe Sevigny, Tom Waits, Tilda Swinton, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi, Carol Kane, Iggy Pop, and Danny Glover. The rapper known as RZA even makes an appearance. There's plenty of bloody zombie violence, but Jarmusch's trademark droll humor is front and center. 

There's a lot of great dialogue in this film. Vote up the best The Dead Don't Die one liners and characters quotes from the list below. 

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    Appreciate The Details

    Dean: The world is perfect. Appreciate the details.

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    Like A Bad Dream

    Mindy Morrison: Guys. Shouldn't we be telling each other that's it all gonna be ok? That this will all go away like a bad dream? Ronnie?

    Ronnie Peterson: Gee Mindy I'm not sure I can say that.

    Mindy Morrison: Cliff. Please?

    Cliff Robertson: It's all gonna be ok Mindy. Maybe it'll all just go away, like a bad dream.

    Ronnie Peterson: I doubt it.

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    Our Scenes

    Cliff Robertson: He only gave me our scenes. I never saw a complete script. After all I've done for that guy, and it's a lot that you don't even know about. What a d*ck.

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    I'm Thinking Zombies

    Cliff Robertson: What do you think did this?

    Ronnie Peterson: I'm thinking zombies.

    Cliff Robertson: What?

    Ronnie Peterson: You know, the undead. Ghouls.

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