The Best Characters On 'The Flash' 

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The best characters on CW’s The Flash consist of ordinary people and masked superheroes - and sometimes both. By day, Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) is a forensic scientist, but by night he’s The Flash, the fastest superhero this side of Central City.

Taking place within The CW’s ever-expanding Arrowverse, the best characters on The Flash often intersect with other DC mainstays, though sometimes they don’t always know who they’re really dealing with. Who’s your favorite character on The Flash? Wally West (Kid Flash) is an easy favorite, and Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash) is easily one of the coolest villains in all of DC fandom.

Vote up all the greatest characters on The Flash, and vote down all the guys and girls you think aren’t cut out for the superhero lifestyle.

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Vibe/Cisco Ramon

I just love a good pop culture reference in a moment of crisis.

Played by: Carlos Valdes

Occupation: Mechanical engineer at S.T.A.R. Labs

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Flash is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Characters On 'The Flash'
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I've spent my whole life searching for the impossible, never imagining that I would become the impossible.

Played by: Grant Gustin

Occupation: Leader of Team Flash, forensic scientist at the Central City Police Department 

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Harrison Wells

Research laboratories unconnected to the government, unconnected to any business interests or any of that kind of stuff. And then we build right downtown in the heart of the city, in the epicenter, and we become the heart of the city. We become the heart of the nation. We change the way you think about the sciences, and then...

Played by: Tom Cavanagh

Occupation: Scientist (former)

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Joe West

I took two oaths in my life. One: to uphold the law. The other: to protect my family. Guess which one takes priority?

Played by: Jesse L. Martin 

Occupation: Police captain

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