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The Best The Flash Storylines in Comics

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There are many superheroes in the DC Universe, but few are as important as the Fastest Man Alive himself, the Flash! Thanks to his introduction in the mid-1950s, the Silver Age Flash kicked off a new era of superheroes, which has continued well into today. The Flash has been a member of the Justice League, and has played a role in some of the DC Universe's most significant stories and crossover events, but with decade after decade of stories piling up into thousands of books, determining which story arc, single issue, comic book, graphic novel, trade paperback, and one-shot is the best is no easy task.

Fortunately, this list is here to help as the 20 best Flash stories ever told have been compiled for you! Check out the stories below, which make up the Flash's most important storylines, comics, story arcs, graphic novels, single issues, and amazing adventures, and make sure you vote up the one you think is the greatest Flash story ever told!