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The Greatest Quotes From 'The Great'

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The best quotes from The Great prove Hulu's binge-worthy show is, in fact, great. The series follows Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning) rising through political ranks to become the longest-running female ruler in the entire history of Russia. The show may offer a fictionalized account of Catherine the Great's upbringing and reign as well as her plot to murder her dangerous husband, Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). While the show deals with political intrigue, it never loses its satirical edge, making it one of the most engaging Hulu original series you can watch. You'll find funny quotes alongside inspirational lines about love and what it means to be great.

The best The Great quotes have now been gathered together on one list. Which lines put a smile on your face when you heard them for the first time? Vote for the lines that stuck with you.

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    Married To An Idiot

    Catherine the Great: I'm a prisoner here married to an idiot.

    Peter III of Russia: Toosh.

    Catherine the Great: Do you mean "touché?"

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    How Was Your Night?

    Catherine the Great: How was your night?

    Marial: Avoided rape. You?

    Catherine the Great: Same. If anyone ever invents something easier than buttons, we are all in trouble.

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    I Don't Want to Kill You

    Peter III of Russia: I don't want to kill you. You're not a bad person.

    Catherine the Great: I could kill you. You are a bad person.

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    Catherine the Great: Huzzah!

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