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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'The Kissing Booth 2'

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Now that the highly-anticipated sequel has arrived, we need you to vote for the best The Kissing Booth 2 quotes. The movie is the follow-up to Netflix's hit teen romantic-comedy. As with the original, it's got an abundance of funny lines, along with some one liners designed to make its target audience swoon. Which are the most unforgettable? That will be up to you to decide.

Joey King returns as Elle Evans. Boyfriend Noah (Jacob Elordi) has gone off to college, and she's starting her senior year in high school. Although she misses Noah, Elle is nevertheless tempted by a handsome new student named Marco (Taylor Perez). They become tight friends, but there might be a little extra chemistry there. Noah, meanwhile, finds himself tempted at college, too. The movie follows these complications as Elle attempts to figure out what -- and who -- she really wants.

The Kissing Booth 2 was directed by Vince Marcello, who also helmed the original. He co-wrote the screenplay with Jay Arnold, based on Beth Reekles' young adult novel. The supporting cast includes Joel Courtney as Lee and Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn.

Vote up the most memorable The Kissing Booth 2 quotes from the list below, regardless of which character speaks them. 

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    Slip Away

    Marco Pena: You can’t really hold on to someone, because the tighter you hold on to them, the more they want to slip away. All you can do is love them and make sure they know that you’re never gonna slip away.

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    In Five Years

    Elle Evans: In five years, I want to be my brother’s joy. I want to be my dad’s love and my mom’s warmth. In five years, I want to be Rachel’s kindness. I want to be Noah’s courage and his mom’s wisdom. But most of all, I want to be my best friend’s laughter. All those things together is who I want to be in five years.

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    Life Throws Curves

    Elle Evans: Life throws curves at you. You think it’s moving one way and suddenly realize it’s heading in the opposite direction. 

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    Be Happy

    Elle Evans: What do you want to do?

    Marco Pena: I'm not sure. Be happy, I guess. 

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