Photo: The Legend of Korra / Nickelodeon

The Most Memorable Quotes From 'The Legend of Korra'

Brave warriors and humble servants alike have something to learn from the best The Legend of Korra quotes. The successor to Avatar: The Last Airbender proved to be a worthy follow-up to the hit series that originally aired on Nickelodeon. This time, the adventures follow the new Avatar, Korra, as she must defend the meek from aggressors. Each Book brought an exciting new challenge, and along the way, there was plenty of time for jokes, lessons, and guidance. 

A line like, "I needed to understand what real suffering was, so I could become more compassionate to others" doesn't sound like something you'd hear in a children's show. But The Legend of Korra never tried to be like other kid shows, and that's why it caught on as well as it did. Anyone of any age could watch the show and learn something from the adventures of Korra, Mako, and Bolin. 

What are your favorite quotes from The Legend of Korra? Vote for the lines that have stuck with you all these years later. 

Photo: The Legend of Korra / Nickelodeon

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    The Greatest Change

    Aang: When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.

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    You Blind Yourself

    Zaheer: When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality

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    You Can Often Find It

    Iroh: If you look for the light, you can often find it. But if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see.

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    What Real Suffering Was

    Korra: I needed to understand what real suffering was, so I could become more compassionate to others. 

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    Not a Reflection

    Tenzin: I am not a reflection of my father. I am Tenzin.

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    Freedom Is Just as Essential

    Zaheer: You think freedom is something that you can give or take on a whim. But to your people, freedom is just as essential as... air.

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