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The Best Quotes From 'The Lion King' (2019)

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The 2019 remake of The Lion King has an incredible, star-studded cast delivering the best quotes from the Disney animated film. The list below has the most memorable lines and one liners from the 2019 Lion King. While the new movie plays out the events of the original film it is approximately 30 minutes longer. This means that there are even more quotes from The Lion King (2019) than the original. Jon Favreau, who also directed the 2016 The Jungle Book, directs the cast of singers and actors that helped bring this photorealistic animated movie to life.

You can still count on Timon and Pumbaa for all their funny lines and Scar is just as scary as ever. But what are your favorite lines from The Lion King (2019)? Vote up all the quotes that you kept saying long after watching the movie. Then, with the help of your votes, this list will determine the best quotes from The Lion King (2019). 

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    The Back Up

    Pumbaa: We're here!

    Timon: Everyone calm down. We're here.

    Pumbaa: The backup has arrived.

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    A Gift

    Simba: Dad would be so proud, won't he?

    Scar: (under his breath) It's a gift he'll never forget.

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    Who's The Brains

    Timon: I've got it. What if he's on our side? Here me out! Having a ferocious lion around might not be such a bad idea.

    Pumbaa: Well, then, can we keep him?

    Timon: Oh course we can keep him! My god! Who is the brains of this operation?

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    Find Their Roar

    Scar: This gorge is where all lions come to find thier roar.

    Simba: All lions? Even my dad?

    Scar: Even Mufasa came here. When he was your age. Refused to leave until his roar could be heard above the rim.

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