The Best Characters On 'The Order', Ranked

For people who love being terrified in 50-minute increments, The Order is essential viewing. The Netflix horror series follows Jack Morton, a college student who ends up joining a secret society that practices magic. As Jack delves deeper into the group's history, he discovers some dark family secrets that will lead to a horrifying showdown. 

There are many members of The Order, and most characters have something sinister lurking beneath the surface. There's a lot of depth to these characters as they try to uncover their true selves, and they may not like the monsters they find. Who are your favorite characters on The Order?

This list includes all the best main and recurring characters on The Order, as well as the actors who play them. Vote for the ones that make you interested in the dark arts.

  • Randall Carpio
    Photo: Netflix
    136 VOTES

    Randall Carpio

    Dude, WE’RE your we!

    Played by: Adam DiMarco

    136 votes
  • Hamish Duke
    Photo: Netflix
    135 VOTES

    Hamish Duke

    You, stop trying to call all the shots. You, stop trying to kill everybody.

    Played by: Thomas Elms

    135 votes
  • Vera Stone
    Photo: Netflix
    116 VOTES

    Vera Stone

    At the time, we were dealing with an unidentified threat. 

    Played by: Katharine Isabelle 

    116 votes
  • Lilith Bathory
    Photo: Netflix
    112 VOTES

    Lilith Bathory

    It’s the 21st century, women can be werewolves!

    Played by: Devery Jacobs 

    112 votes
  • Jack Morton
    Photo: Netflix
    110 VOTES

    Jack Morton

    The place is defended by a f*ck-ton of magic spells!

    Played by: Jake Manley

    110 votes
  • Eric Clarke
    Photo: Netflix
    99 VOTES

    Eric Clarke

    I'm glad it wasn't me. 

    Played by: Sam Trammell 

    99 votes