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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'The Parent Trap'

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The Parent Trap helped propel Lindsay Lohan into superstardom. Many of the best Parent Trap quotes belong to her pair of characters, and she soon became a Disney darling because of the film. The 1998 film, a remake of the 1961 version of the same name, sees Lohan playing a pair of twins who try to get their divorced parents to reunite. It's a classic film for '90s kids who fondly remember it playing all the time on The Disney Channel.

Out of all of The Parent Trap movie quotes, which ones do you like best? Which ones remind you of your childhood? Vote for your favorites!

  • We're Like Twins
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    We're Like Twins

    Hallie: I'm not so hungry anymore. So if your Mom is my Mom and my Dad is your Dad... and we're both born on October 11th, then you and I are... like... sisters.

    Annie: Sisters? Hallie, we're like twins!

    Hallie: Oh my god!

    Annie: Oh my god!

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    • You Talking to Me?
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      You Talking to Me?

      Meredith Blake: Have you seen your father?

      Hallie: You talking to me?

      Meredith Blake: Who are you, Robert De Niro? Yes, I am talking to you.

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      • Get the Picture?
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        Get the Picture?

        Nick Parker: What's going on?

        Meredith Blake: Here's what's going on, buddy: the day we get married is the day I ship those brats off to Switzerland, get the picture? It's me, or them. Take your pick.

        Nick Parker: Them.

        Meredith Blake: Excuse me?

        Nick Parker: T-H-E-M, them. Get the picture?

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        • She Started Yelling in French
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          She Started Yelling in French

          Nick Parker: I told Hallie.

          Meredith Blake: You did? And?

          Nick Parker: She went ballistic. She started yelling in French. I didn't even know she spoke French.

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