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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'The Photograph'

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If you've seen the hot new romantic drama, we want you to vote for the best The Photograph quotes. The screenplay for this touching love story has lots of dramatic one liners to choose from. It's a film that digs deep into a couple of themes many audience members will find relatable.

Issa Rae stars as Mae Morton, a young woman whose estranged mother, an esteemed photographer, has just passed away very unexpectedly. While going through a safe deposit box that belonged to her mom, Mae finds a mysterious picture. Trying to track down its meaning leads to a series of revelations, shown in flashback sequences, all of which reveal that there was a lot about her mother she didn't know. Lakeith Stanfield co-stars as Michael Block, a writer working on a piece about Mae's mom. The two begin to fall in love, but the secrets Mae learns cause her to worry about whether she's capable of having a normal, healthy relationship. Get Out's Lil Rel Howery co-stars as Michael's wise-cracking brother. He delivers some funny lines to occasionally lighten the drama.

The Photograph was written and directed by Stella Meghie, whose previous films include Everything, Everything and The Weekend. Co-starring in the film are Courtney B. Vance, Kelvin Harrison, Jr., and Chelsea Peretti.

Vote up the most memorable The Photograph quotes from the list below, regardless of which character speaks them. 

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    Smoother Than That

    Mae Morton: How’s your article going?

    Michael Block: To be honest, I was a little distracted. So I kept running back in my mind how you might respond to me asking you for a drink.

    Mae Morton: So that was you asking me?

    Michael Block: In my mind, it wasn’t that forward. You know, it was more... smoother than that.

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    Why She Couldn't Tell Me

    Mae Morton: I just don’t understand why she couldn’t tell me about her life while she was alive.

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    Not Good At Love

    Mae Morton: My mother wasn’t very good at love. What if I’m just like her?

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    Vulnerable, Loose, Or Funny

    Mae Morton: I’m terrible at first dates. I just don’t know whether to be vulnerable, loose, or funny.

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