The Best Pretenders Albums of All Time

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The Pretenders are known as one of the best classic rock bands. List of the best Pretenders albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. This Pretenders discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Pretenders albums can be found at the top of the list. To make it easy for you, we haven't included The Pretenders singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. If you think the greatest Pretenders album isn't high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves. Make sure you don't just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite Pretenders album, then vote it up, even if it's not necessarily the most popular.

The Chrissie Hynde-led rock band came together in 1978, its eponymous debut studio album featured the catchy single "Brass in Pocket." The 1984 release Learning to Crawl was another high point, containing mega hit "Back on the Chain Gang."

If you want to know the best Pretenders album of all time, this list of The Pretenders albums will answer your question. Examples include Last of the Independents (1994) and ¡Viva El Amor! (1999). These popular Pretenders CDs have been voted on by music fans around the world, so the order isn't just one person's opinion. 

  • Pretenders
    Photo: Real, Sire
    149 VOTES

    1. Precious
    2. The Phone Call
    3. Up the Neck
    4. Tattooed Love Boys
    5. Space Invader
    6. The Wait
    7. Stop Your Sobbing
    8. Kid
    9. Private Life
    10. Brass in Pocket
    11. Lovers of Today
    12. Mystery Achievement

    • Release Date: 1979
    • Artist: The Pretenders
    • Tracks: Mystery Achievement, Tattooed Love Boys, Stop Your Sobbing
    • Genres (Music): Alternative rock, Rock music, New Wave, Punk rock
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  • Learning to Crawl
    Photo: Sire

    1. Middle of the Road
    2. Back on the Chain Gang
    3. Time the Avenger
    4. Watching the Clothes
    5. Show Me
    6. Thumbelina
    7. My City Was Gone
    8. Thin Line Between Love and Hate 
    9. I Hurt You
    10. 2000 Miles

    • Release Date: 1983
    • Artist: The Pretenders
    • Tracks: Back on the Chain Gang, My City Was Gone, Thin Line Between Love & Hate
    • Genres (Music): Alternative rock, Rock music, New Wave
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  • Pretenders II
    Photo: Sire
    95 VOTES

    1. The Adultress
    2. Bad Boys Get Spanked
    3. Message of Love
    4. I Go to Sleep
    5. Birds of Paradise
    6. Talk of the Town
    7. Pack It Up
    8. Waste Not Want Not
    9. Day After Day
    10. Jealous Dogs
    11. The English Roses
    12. Louie Louie

    • Release Date: 1981
    • Artist: The Pretenders
    • Tracks: Pack It Up, Louie Louie, The English Roses
    • Genres (Music): Alternative rock, Rock music, New Wave, Punk rock
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  • Last of the Independents
    Photo: Sire, WEA Records

    1. Hollywood Perfume
    2. Night in My Veins
    3. Money Talk
    4. 977
    5. Revolution
    6. All My Dreams
    7. I'll Stand by You
    8. I'm a Mother
    9. Tequila
    10. Every Mother's Son
    11. Rebel Rock Me
    12. Love Colours
    13. Forever Young

    • Release Date: 1994
    • Artist: The Pretenders
    • Tracks: Night in My Veins, All My Dreams, Love Colours
    • Genres (Music): Alternative rock, Rock music
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