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The Most Hilarious Quotes From 'The Santa Clause'

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Which of these quotes from The Santa Clause is the best? You get to help decide with your votes! Disney has been responsible for some of the most beloved Christmas films of all time. One such classic that came out in the 1990s is the Tim Allen film The Santa Clause. In the film, a man watches Santa Claus fall to his demise, and he has to take on the mantle of Kris Kringle. It's a heartwarming adventure with plenty of jokes for kids and adults alike. If you consider yourself a '90s baby, then you will definitely want to read through this collection of the best The Santa Clause quotes. 

There are plenty of hysterical lines. Kids will burst into laughter when they hear the little girl say to Santa, "You're fatter this year." However, there are also plenty of lines that are solely meant for adults to get. Take the line, "It's okay, I'm used to it. I lived through the '60s" after Charlie points out that his dad is flying. Kids may not understand the reference, but it's enough to bring out a chuckle for most parents. 

The Santa Clause movie quotes are a good reminder that it's the perfect time of year to rewatch the movie, or you can relive the best moments by reading the funny lines below.

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    You Killed Him

    Charlie: It's Santa! You killed him!

    Scott Calvin: Did not! And he's not Santa!

    Charlie: Well, he was...

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      You're Flying

      Charlie: Whoa, Dad! You're flying!

      Scott Calvin: It's okay, I'm used to it. I lived through the '60s.

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        Key Lime Disease

        Scott Calvin: Charlie, stay away from those things. They're reindeer, you don't know where they've been. They all look like they've got key lime disease.

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          You're Fatter This Year

          Sarah the Little Girl: You're fatter this year.

          Santa: Thank you. You've grown, too. Now go back to sleep.

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