The Best 'The Voice' Winners, Ranked By Fans

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Following the tradition of singing shows like American Idol, The Voice strives to discover new musical talent nationwide, and some of the most successful The Voice winners have truly impressed audiences and critics. What makes The Voice unique, and particularly alluring for prospective singers, is the opportunity to work one-on-one with established musical artists like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. The Voice coaches have led their students to victory in the competition. While every champion is memorable, who is truly the best

Perhaps you really loved the season 1 winner, Javier Colon. Or maybe you're a fan of the more recent season winners, such as Carter Rubin or Todd Tilghman. Past winners of The Voice often sang a diverse range of tunes to showcase their multitude of talents. Contestants belted out show tunes, country songs, pop music, and more to impress judges and often provided stunning new spins on tried and true songs.

Below, you'll find a list of the famous The Voice winners. Check them out, and then vote up your favorite singers!

Most divisive: Chris Blue
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  • Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith

    1,199 votes

    Winner: Season 9 (2015)
    Coach: Adam Levine 
    Finale Songs: "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" (Rodgers and Hammerstein), "God Only Knows" (The Beach Boys), "Mary, Did You Know?" (Mark Lowry) 

  • Cassadee Pope
    845 votes

    Winner: Season 3 (2012)
    Coach: Blake Shelton 
    Finale Songs: "Over You" (Miranda Lambert), "Steve McQueen" (Sheryl Crow), "Cry" (Faith Hill) 

  • Chloe Kohanski

    Chloe Kohanski

    813 votes

    Winner: Season 13 (2017)
    Coach: Blake Shelton
    Finale Songs: "Bette Davis Eyes" (Jackie DeShannon), "You Got It" (Roy Orbison), "Wish I Didn't Love You" (Chloe Kohanski) 

  • Alisan Porter
    747 votes

    Winner: Season 10 (2016)
    Coach: Christina Aguilera
    Finale Songs: "Down That Road" (Alisan Porter), "You've Got a Friend" (Carole King), "Somewhere" (Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim) 

  • Winner: Season 4 (2013)
    Coach: Blake Shelton 
    Finale Songs: "Timber, I'm Falling In Love" (Patty Loveless), "Maybe It Was Memphis" (Pam Tillis), "Born to Fly" (Sara Evans) 

  • Maelyn Jarmon

    Maelyn Jarmon

    683 votes

    Winner: Season 16 (2019)
    Coach: John Legend
    Finale Songs: "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen), "Unforgettable" (Nat King Cole), "Wait for You" (Original)