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Hair conditioner that thickens fine or thin hair

What is the best thickening conditioner? Anyone who wants a boost to their normally limp hair can tell you that finding the right conditioner that offers volume and thickening properties is a must. Thickening conditioners can instantly plump up thinning strands, leaving hair stronger, with more volume and lift. Which thickeners are the best? Vote for your favorites, add any thickening conditioners that might be missing and rerank this list your way, too.

Thickening conditioners are designed to moisturize hair without weighing it down. Hair is detangled without being overwhelmed by too much product. At the same time, a great thickener can actually increase the volume in the hair, making it appear lush, thick and healthy. Who needs a thickening conditioner? Anyone with fine, limp locks can benefit, but so can those who might be dealing with thinning hair for whatever reason.

Here's a tip: Once you find the right thickening conditioner, see if there are other products in the same line, all designed for fuller hair. Combining your conditioner with a great thickening shampoo or one made for thinning hair, for example, could make all the difference. Some of the best salon shampoo brands also include other specialized treatments for hair, like thickening serums, that might be useful as well.

Some thickening conditioners are leave-ins, meaning you coat the hair with them and you don't wash the formula out in the shower. Typically, these conditioners are very lightweight, offering just enough protection from dryness and breakage -- as well as thickeners to fluff up hair, making it bouncy and fuller. Thickening conditioners can also help to tame flyaway hairs, helping to keep hair under control, while making it more beautiful.
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