The Best Thickening Shampoo

The best thickening shampoo can instantly turn limp, lifeless hair into a gorgeous, thick mane. Some people desperately want to increase the thickness of their hair. Whether it's issues with thinning patches or simply someone with extremely fine hair, a good thickening shampoo might help. This list includes some of the best thickening shampoos, including drug store brands, high-end shampoos and even organics. You decide which shampoos to thicken hair work best, with your votes. Also, be sure to rerank this list with your top choices!

All thickening shampoos aren't created equal. What works beautifully for one person's hair might fall flat (so to speak) for another. It's important to find the right shampoo for you, and it can be an expensive undertaking. Don't despair if the first thickening shampoo you try doesn't work perfectly and try to be patient: Some thickening shampoos take time to work. You might also consider including some special thickening conditioners and/or products to bring the "oomph" up to a higher level.

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