The Best Thievery Corporation Albums, Ranked

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Presenting the best Thievery Corporation albums, ranked. This votable list includes all 10 studio LPs from the experimental electronic and trip hop duo, comprised of members Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, from their first album, 1997's Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi, to their most recent, Treasures from the Temple. 

Each decade has had defining Thievery Corporation albums. In the 2000s, The Mirror Conspiracy introduced Garza and Hilton to a larger audience than ever before, while The Richest Man in Babylon and The Cosmic Game attracted attention thanks in large part to their respective well-known songs, "Until the Morning" and "Amerimacka." Meanwhile, the duo's feature-heavy Saudade stands out perhaps the most prominently among Thievery Corp's 2010s output. And, with a new album slated for release in April 2020, Symphonik, Garza and Hilton show no signs of slowing down in the coming decade.

The Thievery Corporation discography is full of gems, but it's up to you to decide which record is the best of the best. Vote up your favorite albums by the downtempo legends below to decide which one takes home the gold.