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The 30 Best Things About Working from Home

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Many people would love to be able to work from home – and with good reason. Being able to work from home provides you with a sense of freedom that you can't get when you are obligated to show up to the same place, at the same time, five days a week. While there are definitely some downsides, the advantages of working from home largely outweigh them. This is especially true for people who work better independently and need a quiet atmosphere in order to concentrate. While being able to interact with coworkers can allow a nice break throughout your day, sometimes we don't always love the people we work with. And although many companies nowadays are becoming more evolved and flexible in their policies, there are many businesses who are still set in traditional ways of insisting their employees wear a suit and tie to work, have weekly meetings, and keep the playfulness to a minimum. 

Below is a list of the best things about working from home. What are your favorite parts about working home?
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    You Can Beat The 5 O'Clock Rush

    When you work from home, you can take advantage of getting errands you need done BEFORE massive amounts of people line up to lay on their car horns for an hour.
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    You Don't Have To Deal With Frustrating Commutes

    One of the worst things about having to drive to an office every day is dealing with the morning commute. 
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    You Can Design Your Office Space However You Wish

    Maybe you don't want to work in a room that has white walls, or outdated carpets. When you work from home, you can hang whatever you want on the walls, make your desk as messy you want, and paint the walls bright green for all anybody cares.
  • 4

    You Manage Your Own Time

    You get to decide which hours you are going to work, not someone else.
  • 5

    You Can Make Your Own Schedule

    Maybe you are more productive late in the afternoon? Maybe early morning? Either way, you can schedule your work according to how it works best for YOU.
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    Don't Have to Wear Uncomfortable Clothes Everyday

    You don't have to worry about spending a fortune on stiff, uncomfortable attire that is deemed as "workplace appropriate." 
  • 7

    You Can Save Gas Money

    Unless your office is really close to home, commuting everyday can take a toll on your gas tank. But when you work from home, the only commuting you HAVE to do is from your bed to your home office.
  • 8

    You Can Sleep in If You Need To

    One of the best things about working from home is that you can hit snooze any time you need to. 
  • 9

    You Can Beat The Morning Rush

    If you want to go out to get a coffee, you can patiently wait until 9:30 or 10:00 when the crowds have already settled into their cubicles!
  • 10

    You Can Run Mid-Day Errands

    You don't have to save doctors appointments, grocery shopping, and random errands for the weekends. You can get them done in the middle of the week if you need to.
  • 11

    Your Plans Can Always Be Flexible

    When you make your own schedule, you are fully capable of being able to move certain obligations around when necessary. 
  • 12

    You Don't Have To Listen To Coworkers Complain

    Nothing curbs enthusiasm like that one coworker who always has something to vent to you about.
  • 13

    Can Make Yourself Unavailable Whenever

    Because all of your communication is done via the phone and computer, it is very easy to make yourself unavailable so you are not constantly being interrupted. 
  • 14

    You Can Blast Music As Loud As You Want

    Sure, many offices allow their employees to wear headphones. But when you work from home, you can blast that music as loud as you want without worrying about distracting anyone.
  • 15

    You Can Conduct Your Work Without Awkward Interactions

    Our society is becoming very dependent on technology. And while this may not be the best thing for us socially, it is perfect for those who have social anxiety – or for those who simply hate talking to strangers in person.
  • 16

    Don't Have To Worry About Coworkers Stealing Your Lunch

    You didn't slave away at the stove last night just for that one coworker with sticky fingers to demolish it before you could!
  • 17

    You Can Work In Your Pajamas

    It's not something you SHOULD do everyday... but you COULD.
  • 18

    You Can Work From Anywhere With Wifi

    You don't have to sit at the same desk, staring at the same wall, for 40 hours every week.
  • 19

    Don't Have to Worry About Being Caught Procrastinating

    Nothing is worse than constantly have to look over your shoulder in case your boss picks those measly three minutes you spent on Facebook to walk up to your desk.
  • 20

    You Can Spend More Time Working Without Having To Factor In Travel Time

    While the rest of the world is sitting in an hour's worth of traffic, you have been working diligently for that time.
  • 21

    You Can Make Your Own Lunch

    When you work in an office, it can be very tempting to eat out a lot. Some mornings you wake up late and either don't have time to make your own lunch to bring, or are in such a rush that you forget it entirely. But when you work from home, you have an entire kitchen within arms reach everyday.
  • 22

    No Sitting Through Boring Meetings

    You know what you have to do, so you can just jump right in when you work from home. You don't have to waste your mornings in meetings that have, essentially, nothing to do with you.
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    You Don't Have to Worry About Bad Hair Days

    Sometimes our hair just doesn't want to cooperate. While this may be an issue for people who have nine-to-five office jobs, when you work from home, it isn't something you fret over because you know you don't actually have to see anyone if you don't want to.
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    You Have a Constant Sense of Freedom

    One of the best things about working from home is that you constantly feel a degree of freedom that most other people don't.
  • 25

    You Never Get Bored Of Working From One Spot

    When you are free to move around and switch up locations, you can consistently enjoy a new atmosphere and find different places of inspiration.